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We possess high-tech tooling and properly selected and trained staff, which allows us to optimize the qualities of the glass during the production process, and in this way to meet the needs of our customers.         

We are recognized by a marked path 42 permanently, being leaders in manufacturing, process and industrialization of these materials.


Double glazed sealed

Double glazed sealeds

We manufacture DVH automatically making a product according to the needs of the market and very high performance, this ensures optimum performance of the material.

Temperate / thermoset plane

Temperate / thermoset plane

We own last generation tooling horizontally, para best meet the needs of the market. Submitted glass is a high temperatures, releases tension in that moment and proceed one cool air, thus achieving Characteristics tempered.Maximum work size :. 1800 mm x 3000 mm

Temperate / curved thermoset

Temperate / curved thermoset

We managed bending and tempering glass sin any type of tooling. At the time of submitting a temperature bending occurs there and measure the maximum cooling
manufacturing :. 1250 mm x 750 mm. Maximum deflection: 30 mm

curved laminated

Curved laminated

We kilns for all kinds of curved. Once designed glass proceeds to bending and laminating. Maximum work size: 2000 mm x 3000 mm. Maximum deflection: 350 mm .

flat rolled

Flat rolled

The glass is laminated with polyvinyl butyral, according to its application thickness varies to meet the appropriate security conditions
Maximum dimension of manufacture. 2500 mm x 5000 mm Thickness
. 3 + 3/4 + 4 / 5 + 5/6 + 6/8 + 8/10 + 10 and different combinations of thickness and color
multilaminados: 3 + 3 + 3/4 + 4 + 4/5 + 5 + 5/6 + 6 +6 / 8 + 8 + 8/10 + 10 + 10 thicknesses up to 80 mm