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Cristem, started its activities in 1973 manufacturing parts for the aftermarket and its constant evolution and innovation was refined over the years, which allowed power          develop new product lines for different markets.

During the years 1997/2001, by exclusive agreement made with Blindex brand, the aftermarket for the company Pilkington Automotive SA, a multinational of British origin, after this period restructuring and opening new production lines.

It has a manufacturing plant of 8500 m2, with trained personnel and cutting-edge tooling for all processes and treatments of glass, has IRAM, ISO 9001, ANZI Z26,1 (American) ECE R43 (European), RENAR (bulletproof ) and Central Bank (Bank)          thus able to meet the needs of the local and international market.

Since 2003, the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires Provincial Police, begins to acquire semiblindados police vehicles, this leads to the car manufacturers to develop prototypes and later vehicles in series, Cristem it has been providing them with its bulletproof windshield under the rule RENAR MA 02