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Glazed Auto Parts
Windshield, side and window frames
Armored Crystals
Approved by the RENAR
Premium products
We supply category N1 of the country
Crystals for Architecture
High performance products
Railway sector
We supply spare parts to the railway park

About us

CRISTEM, founded in 1973 and with a great track record in the market for safety glass, began its activities manufacturing parts for the aftermarket and its constant evolution and innovation was refined over the years,            which allowed to develop new product lines for different items.            We meet the needs of the local and international market thus demonstrating because we are the leading company.

Our Plant

En CRISTEM we have 8500 m2, highly trained staff and cutting-edge tooling for all processes and treatments of glass.

Our Policy

It is policy CRISTEM meet the expectations and needs of our clients through personal attention and ensuring the quality and continuity of our products.

Quality Management

Cristem we have a quality management system based on national and international standards that facilitate the continuous improvement of our products, services and procedures.

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